Microsoft launches the application with respect to expenditures automatically

After the takeover of Microsoft on the team that developed the tracking application mileage MileIQ, we developed the same group applied the “Spend” allocated to track financial expenses automatically.

Offers Spend features traditional, such as receipts, export and expenses and reporting on expenses.

As for the capabilities of the app unique is the mechanism of action and its possible; keeps track of expenses through a credit card or bank account associated with the user is to define quality as expenditures a person or business such as travel on the screen.

Arrangement expenses automatically after selecting the type, user can attach additional data to consider, such as the addition of the enterprise or the person who conducted dealt with and some notes and tags and evaluation expenditures and the allocation of expenditure categories.

The user gets on the expenditure report monthly or Weekly, also can use the report manually and use it periodically after certain time intervals.

Developed the app as part of the project Garage which realize ideas and services for Microsoft’s new before the expansion, so remains the possibility to provide it on Android not information that, while available now in the App Store for users of iOS 10 and newer.

Download the application to Spend

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