Microsoft launches three applications of artificial intelligence new in System Dynamics 365

مايكروسوفت تطلق ثلاث تطبيقات ذكاء اصطناعي جديدة ضمن نظام Dynamics 365

Throughout the previous period did not leave Microsoft to ensure that its application system of the automated features and artificial intelligence, has added last year’s artificial intelligence services platform Business Dynamics 365, and is now expanding its work in this direction supports this product with three applications of artificial intelligence for sales (Dynamics 365 AI for Sales) and customer service (Customer Service app) and the market (Market Insights).

Where the aim is the application of Dynamics 365 special sales to help sales teams a deeper understanding of their prospects by relying on the analysis of tendencies, which is one of the basics of the learning machine in the methodology of artificial intelligence, but the application of the New Sales will help sellers determine the set priorities and plan their following, in addition to the possibility of assistance in the training of vendors by the managers individually, and provide guidance towards choosing the resolution and the correct procedure.

As for the development of customer service in Dynamics 365 focuses on the understanding of natural language which is a branch of artificial intelligence that uses computer programming to understand the inputs, both sentences in a given text or speech, to be given through the identification of human rights problems may be encountered by service customers, and tap at the same time from default factors to estimate the costs.

The second application of Market Insights or vacuum the market if you will, where he says that a smartphone app giving the team a look around the tendencies and feelings of social but in a little deeper, where this feature helps enterprises to analyse big data and to feelings of social direction of the specific work to harness them in making decisions to strengthen their brand.

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