Microsoft launches update to Windows 10 October after several weeks of stop


I the Microsoft day resumption of the process of the update version of Windows 10 October. It was originally released in the first week of last month but it was on Microsoft withdrawn this update due to an error caused in deleting the files for those who have installed it. The police dealt with this back and now began to issue the update from the new computer.

Tell Microsoft that it had conducted a thorough investigation and resolve the problems that prompted the company to stop the update temporarily. Have watched the company closely monitor the comments and diagnostics from the developers of the windows to make sure there is not a problem of data loss.

The company that it will continue to study the results carefully after the resumption of the process of all will be this update available gradually for more devices in the coming weeks. You Microsoft to issue the update slowly to ensure that no face of users for such a problem again.

Microsoft says it will continue to update the ” Windows 10 October ” to users through Windows Update when data show that their device is ready. If I found out that one of the devices might face problem, as the application is not compatible, you won’t be installing the update until this problem is solved first. It will be possible for superusers to install the update manually through the option ” search for updates ” in the settings.



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