Microsoft launches Xbox Game Pass Ultimate monthly subscription$ 15 a

Within its participation in the exhibition games famous E3, Microsoft revealed for the service, new subscriptions exists for players via Xbox called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will its monthly fee of $ 14.99 and includes the service of Xbox Live Gold and Unlimited for more than 100 games through the service.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft had launched this service a pilot two months ago and today became available for everyone, the service was considered a great addition for fans of video games via the computers where enough you pay a monthly subscription one to get my service Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass by for Xbox and PC.

This is considered a subscription service very suitable to those who have games on the Xbox and PC, because Xbox Game Pass to suit personal available monthly fee of $ 4.99 and Xbox Live Gold is Xbox monthly subscription of $ 9.99 and Xbox Game Pass is Xbox cable $ 9.99, which means the overall such services cost a monthly $ 24.97, but it is offered by Google through one pack cost $ 14.99 which provides $ 10 a month.

Participants new the first month will be dollar just one. And have Microsoft’s four different subscriptions start from $ 4.99 delegations and service, the broader is our subject today can be obtained from the Microsoft’s official website.

This will be the situation as follows:

Xbox Game Pass PC – fee $ 4.99 and includes more than 100 game computer
Xbox Game Pass Console Games -fee of $ 9.99 and includes more than 100 Xbox Game
Xbox Live Gold-fee $ 9.99 and you can play online with others
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – fees $ 14.99 and use all the services of the previous three.

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