Microsoft launches Xbox One S version All Digital but tablets

After weeks of leaks, the company launched the Microsoft device Xbox Wen S All Digital but tablets officially priced at$ 249 (930 SAR), will be available beginning from May 7 next, will be sold along with the Xbox One’s original Xbox Wen X the most force, as a step to reduce its price a little, the issuance of All Digital will come without drive, Bluray 4K, which lowers its price a little amount of 50$ approximately.

The company will include an internal memory capacity of 1 TB on this new version besides the digital versions of the Games Forza Horizon 3 sea of Thieves and Minecraft, and the device is exactly the same as the Xbox One-S, only without the drive Bluray 4K as mentioned.

This shows that Microsoft is testing the idea of digital devices only, which was part of the original vision of the Xbox Wen, where he was the company was originally planning to let users share any games digitally, but a backlash then forced the company to reverse most of their plans promising.

Microsoft is working vigorously on the development of service Xbox Game Pass recently, which provides access to more than 100 games, and featured games such as Sea of Thieves ┘łCrackdown 3 and has recently added Minecraft to it, which encourages the purchase version All Digital, and also work on service xCloud which will download digital games on computers and mobile devices also.

Source: xbox

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