Microsoft Live Design icons office gown a modern and comprehensive

For the first time in five years the company launches Microsoft to change the comprehensive icons Programs Office in line with the modernity mixed with powerfully simple design suggests focusing on the effectiveness of the programs on the different devices we of the package, which naturally reflect the new path for the company to strengthen its programmes with artificial intelligence and characteristics of the collaborative.

And shows the new design of the icons Microsoft focus on joint working to show all of its applications as one family and take the first letter Dal on the program as a class is combined with its own logo in another layer to be all of them as elegant family ‘ s easy to identify all of its components, the said John Friedman in charge of the design department in the midst of clarifying your company’s vision for this change is that the new design allows to show the homogeneity between the icons in the time in which it emphasizes on the simplicity of dealing within the app.

And touring mind to change such icons may cause some confusion, especially for those persons who are accustomed to the practice of their daily work programs Office different after a large amount of back their the icon; but it’s different here with the new icons it is very easy to recognize and exercise your business naturally, for example fonts that were chopped up enjoy logo word also no longer exist and this affects the extent of your exposure as well as Lauren F. Lucas things similar while marked by the icons of Skype and OneDrive with modernity while still last reserves Bremen, And the following picture describes the differences of the designs of the icons with the time for some apps office:


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