Microsoft offers cloud it smart by launching new data centers in the Middle East

Microsoft unveiled today the launch of new data centres for the first time in the UAE, covering the Middle East, where it will provide its services to the cloud in order to enable institutions, governments and businesses to achieve more business opportunities unprecedented in the region.


Will provide services to the Microsoft cloud such as Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365, through new data centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, quality and high performance, and security to ensure data protection and business development, to begin providing services to the data center in 2019. It will also Microsoft’s expertise in Data Protection and enable customers worldwide to drive digital transformation, where will all the New Data Center , to the principles of Microsoft’s cloud to become part of one of the largest cloud infrastructure in the world, which currently serve million customers and more than 20 million companies around the world.


Commenting on this announcement, said samer Abu ltaif, Microsoft CEO Middle East and Africa, to the company’s expansion through the establishment of a second data center in the Middle East, Africa, and the lowest of the year, representing an angel to us. He added: “with data centres of Microsoft in South Africa along with the tension added by the company across data centers in the United Arab Emirates, we affirm our ongoing commitment for more than 20 years investing in the region, we see it as an opportunity to be the cloud computing technologies are the main engine for economic development, providing sustainable solutions for many of the important issues in the Middle East and Africa such as recruitment, education, and health care.” Concluded Abu-cute: “we will continue in the Microsoft’s cooperation with governments and organizations throughout the region to accelerate the digital transformation, and forward the role to play the new data centers in this challenge.”


Learn Microsoft works closely with technology partners throughout the Middle East and Africa to facilitate the training and increase employment in many sectors, has also been a support around 4000 of the draft arising from the way programs like Microsoft it Academy and the Microsoft cloud, which, in turn, help people build a range of skills as well as equip them to enter the labour market in the region, while you will receive step by joining data centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with the infrastructure and global cloud buy Microsoft on linking regional companies with opportunities available in all parts of the world, will also help to accelerate the new investments, Improve access to cloud services to individuals and organizations across the Middle East region.


Supports the provider cloud solutions the new Microsoft Network, which includes 17,800 partner throughout the region, which in turn provides a special platform to offer people solutions and Microsoft cloud locally.


Microsoft has expanded its services to the cloud very quickly in order to meet the growing demand of customers, also announced today the expansion of its cloud in Switzerland, as well as in another step announced the expansion of its options for cloud customers in Germany, as well as provide all of the Azure and Office 365 in new areas within France.


Exception Microsoft over the past three years more than twice the number of areas covered by the service Azure available to customers, as it possesses a platform to the Azure cloud is currently the number of homes more than any provider’s cloud to another, note they recently announced the availability of its in the 50 area in all over the world in addition to plans to add 12 new area.


It also continues to both Office 365 and Dynamics 365 the expansion Options Set up customer data by the announcement of 17 geographical area, namely, pads applied to business and productivity, they can provide accommodation data across a wide range of locations, each geographical location, a diverse experience, supported by policies, controls and systems strong to help maintain data security and to help provide greater options to meet customer preferences and local requirements.

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