Microsoft opens the door to experience the game Minecraft Earth on Android

I started a company of Microsoft’s Thursday open board for users of the operating system Android of women’s experience based on augmented reality technology of the game by the famous (Minecraft) Minecraft, and after it is made available for iOS users last month.

The US software company has revealed a game (Minecraft Earth) Minecraft Earth middle the month of May last, in order to let mobile users create, view, collect game elements, which appear as three-dimensional in the real world.

Microsoft said at the time: it will begin testing a new game with the support system during the summer of 2019. Indeed, it has opened up for a subscription for those wishing to test the game users of iPhone in the month of July past, now can Android users registration and subscription.

She explained, Microsoft to game (Minecraft Earth) allow players to collect resources, which they find in their way every day, it will also allow collaboration with friends to create buildings that appear integrated in the real world.

Microsoft had acquired a company developer of the game (Minecraft) in 2015 compared to $ 2.5 million dollars, that was the deal the big deal is the first chief executive of the new company at the time, Satya Nadella.

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And the game (Minecraft) is very popular around the world, which allows players to create virtual worlds through the use of cubes polka dots, trying to existing things in the real world, and allow interaction with the animals and other creatures.

Achieved a game (Minecraft) more than $ 1.3 million of sales during the period between 2015 and 2018, according to research firm SuperData. However; the game sales began to decline, as capacity in the last year by about 279.8 million, compared to revenues in 2015, which amounted to $ 400 million.

So, it is believed that the game (Minecraft Earth) New come to compensate for this decline, especially after becoming augmented reality games on mobile devices is experiencing a great popularity, after the release of the game (Pokemon Joe) Pokemon Go of by the company Niantic in 2016.

And feature game (Minecraft Earth) the possibility of mapping the virtual streets, neighborhoods, and parks located in the vicinity of the user, this allows him to interact with objects of the virtual, such as fishing in the water, or chopping wood from the trees, or feed the animals.

It is indicated that the game is only available for Android phones which supports augmented reality technology, as it must be running Android 7 and beyond. And for Android users subscribe from here. It is expected to hit the devices next week.

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