Microsoft parking the reveal of a new vulnerability on the style of the Spectre


With the beginning of the current year, the researchers uncovered a security of a Google loophole to threaten almost every computer manufactured in the last 20 years was at the level of the gear within the Intel processors, and today we have another version of this gap no less serious.

Microsoft revealed standing on what they called the overflow storage speculative Speculative Store Bypass a loophole that allows hackers to read the value of an old memory, whatever the place of their availability.

Often several formations of singled out combinations to the fourth Variant 4, which techniques are used to improve certain processors to detect specific types of data. And in the vulnerabilities that can be exploited via Web browsers through JavaScript.

For its part reduced the Intel of the seriousness of the gap because it has not been exploited widely yet, and to fill a gap in my Meltdown and the Spectre performs the function of mitigation of the impact of this gap new.

In addition, I sent the Intel security update for manufacturers to fit for use in its devices that carry processors damaged holes. But interestingly enough it is for protection of the gap it would have a negative impact on the performance of the Processor where it is expected to decrease the performance slightly increased, ranging from 2-8%.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft discovered the vulnerability last November and watched in detail with some important companies in the computing industry, the good news is that Intel processors rule will not be affected by such gaps at the level of the gear.

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