Microsoft plans to integrate LinkedIn with the e-mail service outlook

مايكروسوفت تخطط لدمج لينكد ان مع خدمة البريد الالكتروني أوت لوك

Microsoft has previously integrated many services such as Hotmail as the Lucas to provide to the user an integrated experience and all of its requirements on a personal level or at work in one place, and provided general financial services word in its own social network for business LinkedIn, to today this step to integrate the e-mail service with LinkedIn, which will be the users outlook able to back the services of the word also been and important factor in the participation of these documents with friends or coworkers on LinkedIn.

Not only will this consolidation on the previous service, but will bring with him proof of purchase of business which connects all of the contacts in the network of the owners of competencies and experience levels, linking them in a network LinkedIn, which will turn the appearance of the contacts via Outlook for messaging, participation and support of scheduled in the calendar.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft had acquired on the LinkedIn social for more than two years compared to$ 26 million, which still today operates as a separate company in itself under the confines of Microsoft, where he reaped profits in the last quarter$ 1.4 million, at which time the in which Microsoft’s pace rather slow in the field of business for a moment, but within the superior work maintaining and upgrading yourself in all areas.

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