Microsoft plans to launch Xbox W cheaper and drive

We will witness the Great Return to competition on the gaming devices and home entertainment next year, especially with the holiday season due to the arrival of the PlayStation 5, Microsoft will have a device in my Xbox and not one.

We know the Xbox’s main rival been 5 specifications full and strong and the price is comparable, but at the same time there will be a watered-down version of the potential performance of the less without the drive and of course sold at a cheaper price.

Microsoft had over the past months gathering the views of the developers of the games on her computer next, and appeared rumors that the company abandoned the launch of the lite version, especially in conjunction with the exhibition games E3, but the leaks now come back to confirm that the Xbox the other will be available in the markets a year from now.

The main machine power code name Anaconda will be the power of processor graphics 10 teraflops, while the other device least performance called symbolic Lockhart will be the processor and graphics weaker currently going on to talk about the ability of 4 teraflops.

Will your Lockhart disk storage, SSD is targeted at games quality to 1440P and not 4K which will be available on your Anaconda, as well as will be processed at a frequency less.

It’s still early to know the expected price for both devices or at least the difference between the two, and when Microsoft unveils officially about them will allow it, or reveal to us the technical specifications and the price is unknown until the tension in the markets.

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