Microsoft postpones the launch of a major update coming for Windows 10 at the last minute

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Redstone 4 is the code name for the next main event for Windows 10, The Company this update in the near future. It was reported that April 10 is the date the internal target of the shooting, but had to Microsoft to postpone the process of issuing this update because of an ” error ” that was discovered at the last minute. I have Microsoft decided not to fix the error in the update sub-cumulative, the Company issued instead a trial new.

It was wrong to cause the problems related to reliability and that’s why Microsoft decided to postpone the released. According to Ms. Dona Sarker of Microsoft, has stated by saying : ” in some cases, it can lead to problems of reliability of this to a higher proportion of (BSOD) on personal computers for example. “ She added that Microsoft decided not to create update branch solves this problem, and decided instead to create a new version of the major update includes a fix for this problem.

What I didn’t reveal him to the police is the cause of this error and why it was only discovered at the last minute. However, the new version of the update that was released to the participants in the pilot program Windows Insiders bring with it the solution to this problem.

It is unclear when Microsoft will issue a major update the new for all Windows users 10. Looks a lot of users to this new update because it brings some new features such as support for HDR and Timeline, as well as spelling, and the changes related to the design, as well as many other new things.



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