Microsoft preparing to enter the market of wireless earbuds under its own brand Surface

مايكروسوفت تحضر لدخول سوق سماعات الأذن اللاسلكية تحت علامتها التجارية Surface

Microsoft unveiled last October on the headphones Surface to represent that the entry of a new market and compete next to other companies leading in this area; and in the same context occurs several reports on the intention of Microsoft is to raise the level of competition with a new product in the market of Heaven by seeking to launch headphones wireless as reported by the website Thurrott.

Over to those close to the company’s plan it was working on the production of wireless earbuds under the symbolic name Morrison which will take its place with a new name in the Surface, probably at all, as the company call it symbolic in Morrison proportion to the success of American rock.

In not yet clear which properties will be characterized by these headphones from its competitors in the market and get out here headphones Apple AirPods important to the city as well as headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds, but in any case it can be expected that it will come supported by Korea with the features to eliminate noise and efficiency standards high voice; in Might is the most important part facilitate the process of their phones and do the job of functional area in an integrated manner, with the expected launch of the company to hear it in October or November of this year.

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