Microsoft prevented Russia from penetrating the 3 campaigns for Congress

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مايكروسوفت منعت روسيا من اختراق 3 حملات للكونغرس

Facing hackers Russian targeting of American democracy, but this time through the Mid-term elections, where were the goals of three members of Congress, it was announced by Tim Burt, Tim Burt, Vice-President of the company Microsoft for the security of customers and, as he said that the members of the security team Microsoft discovered during the search for service locations that host clients site set up by the representatives of Russian was used in an attempt to target candidates for Congress, the remarks came Bert during a panel discussion held within the Forum the Aspen security, Aspen.

Said Burt: “we discovered earlier this year a fake website for Microsoft may have been created as deliberate attacks, phishing, and metadata that indicates that the phishing attacks that were directed against the three candidates all of whom are candidates for election, in the midterm elections”, despite the fact that Bert did not disclose the identity of the candidates, he said that all persons who may be interesting from the point of view of the Spy because of their positions.

The company was alerted law enforcement agencies in the United States, worked with the government to remove the site, said Bert, “we have reduced the operation of this site and enable us, in collaboration with the Government of preventing injury to any person with this attack, they could not access even though they tried but they failed, thanks largely to the security teams of government”.

Noted Bert to that phishing attacks are the primary way the representatives of the state access to the networks of political organizations, owing to the indictment issued last week against officers of the Directorate of intelligence of the main in Russia’s GRU, and added that you need to technique the authentication steps in order to stop such attacks.

Explained Vice President of Microsoft Security client and it is based on cooperation with internet service companies, other security, the police no longer see the same level of activity that was present during the presidential election cycle for 2016, he said We are not seeing anything equivalent to targeting research centers, academia, and the use of social networks to build campaigns to mislead the public opinion poll such as that which appeared in the year 2016.

The company Microsoft has launched in the month of April the programme of “defence of democracy“, and provided support to the electoral authorities in the United States one electoral campaigns, in an effort to help improve the protection of the electoral process, said Burt: “we have worked with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, we held two seminars with the gathered republican and democratic for three days to enhance the security protection.”

Included panel discussion held in the Conference on the security of the Aspen Institute, Tim Burt, and Monica Baker responsible global policies to combat terrorism at facebook, and Mike’s shirt on the Minister of Internal Security Arena, and Janet the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for cybersecurity and communications, told attendees that Washington has seen the efforts of a failure by Russia to gain access to the Electoral Systems in 2016.

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