Microsoft provide a property File On demand for Mac

مايكروسوفت توفر خاصية File On demand لنظام تشغيل ماك

The idea of the OneDrive Files On-Demand to allow the user access to the concepts stored on Microsoft’s Service Cloud One Drive, without being forced to save space on the device to improve its access or, where provide this feature to see all the concepts through the file exploration ” File Explorer” and keep abreast of any new information about each file there.

Within the context of the updates that Microsoft is doing today at all levels and expand its services, has brought this feature for Mac, where he became a laboratory the commercial version of One Drive able to use this feature starting today, which in turn enables the users devices Mac of access to their files with ease without having to synchronize all the files in the time you will be able to download files that they use only.

Requires a property File On demand work on a Mac and provide a version of the Mojave 10.14 system Apple TV files (APFS), and to provide this property of Microsoft introduction for many of the tests to add new properties to the system restart the Mac, where Microsoft has done the standardization of the base icons for OneDrive you of the operating systems Windows and Mac.

Can those interested in this property and the owners of devices owner to enjoy and benefit from the services File On demand in early Of Here.

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