Microsoft put Pack Xbox One S Fortnite

مايكروسوفت تطرح حزمة Xbox One S Fortnite

Microsoft launched a special version for your games Xbox in Pack Xbox One S Fortnite which contain the gaming device with the game installed are the same on the device for free by Microsoft (I wrote that although the game is free anyway!), the Next to providing the special weapons for the characters to users of the package.

Xbox One S Fortnite

Provides package your Xbox One S by 1 Terra Byte, and a control unit as is customary when buying any device, next game Fortnite with the Legendary Eon Character Outfit, airplane, Epic Aurora sailing, ax Resonator rare. Next to the 2,000 free coins when you purchase.

This package will be available worldwide this week via many stores compared to 299.99$.

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