Microsoft recognizes the existence of a range of problems in the last update of Windows 10

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Windows 10 updates are not always ” string “. We’ve talked about lately for a number of problems that came with the last update of Windows 10, which holds the release version of Windows 10 KB4515384 computers users, including the conversion of the screen to the color orange, and disable the search feature built into the system, as well as the consumption of digital assistant Cortana to the computer.

Now after a long wait, Microsoft decided to shed light on some of these problems where I stated : ” to receive Microsoft reports that a small number of users do not get search results while using the Windows Desktop Search has been watching the use of high CPU utilization by SearchUI.exe during the search after the update is installed to KB4515384. This problem appears only on computers that have been disable web search from Windows Desktop Search “.

Thus, in case if you fail to list running start and you can use the search function built into the system, then it could be a great nuisance. Problem was consuming a lot of processor resources in the first update for the month of September is bad, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience for many users. Following this, the provided fix for this problem that is annoying the other.

Mention should also be made to the problem of search in Windows 10 it has faced also some users in the previous update. So, it must have been fixed now. Although Microsoft reported that ” a small number of users ” are those who faced this problem, but it looks clearly like a problem lead to the failure of the system. So, if you haven’t updated your computer yet, we insist that you wait until you resolve all the problems unless you know what you’re doing.

It seems as if Microsoft succeeded in providing users with updates to ” stable ” in this month. However, the Microsoft of these problems in their own official documents to known issues in Windows 10. And even now, there is no fix available for these problems. According to the official docs, it seems that the company is still looking at these problems will provide an update when more information.


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