Microsoft recommends 400 million users buy personal computers, new by next month

Surface Book 2

Completed company Microsoft officially support for Windows 7 this month. However, there is still a lot of users who still use Windows 7, about 400 million users, according to the latest statistics.

Maybe they already upgraded to Windows 10 or may be they have turned into one of the Linux distributions that resemble Windows. We can’t be too sure of that, but given the number of users of Windows 7, this is a big problem. However, at the same time, he discovered the location of MSPoweruser that Microsoft published a new page on the site to encourage users of Windows 7 to upgrade their machines by buying computers Surface laptops.

Not only the recommendation, but Microsoft also mentioned that it would be more efficient for users to get the edges of the installation Surface with the new Windows 10 make the most of its own operating system. Although she reported it, still you have a lot of options to choose from in the case if you are planning to move to Windows 10, there are many manufacturers that are creating some of the best computers to Windows 10 at all or simply create your personal computer by yourself.

In case you want to get a laptop, it may be that ā€ Surface ā€ is an excellent choice for you. Fear not, there are also a lot of computers Windowd 10 available in the market today Economic prices. Also, it is quite clear that Microsoft promote dialogue installation Surface for the soil to it, but you can upgrade it or upgrade to another option from a company other manufacturers yourself.


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