Microsoft refers to developed Windows Lite

Microsoft confirmed implicitly work on a new version of Windows is characterized by lightness to go with low brows specifications may allow Windows Lite.

At Computex in Taiwan, to identify Nick Parker vice president of sales devices and consumers about Microsoft’s vision for the future of the Windows operating system, although it has not explicitly disclosed the existence of this version of Windows, however, revealed the company’s work on the preparation of copy, especially for new types of computers.

Occur within a general framework called the operating system, the modern OS where the types of new devices today special modifications to it like in Windows enable updates in the background without interrupting the user’s final, and here we see that Microsoft is approaching more from Google in relation to updates Windows this version to updates the Chrome operating system for computers Chrome book.

Not only updates are the new thing with modern OS, but also security where it is separated the operating system from the software, they also want to support connections to the fifth generation and a wide variety of accessories input such as pen, voice, touch, look.

The words of Microsoft’s broader windows, with some of the ideas presented in the vision may be in line with current Windows and adapted to it, as well as the launch of the new version light windows.

Likely to be Microsoft has postponed its plans to launch Windows Lite be after its latest venture in challenge to the encases to build a browser version of the new edge, which depend on them. Therefore if she wants to make Windows Lite depends more on the cloud, the bring the edge of the building on the encases first the most important and direct impact on Windows Lite which is released later, it inevitably will contain the browser the new edge.

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