Microsoft releases updated May 2019 of Windows 10 for all

I started the company Microsoft on Tuesday launched the update the first half of the current year for all users of the system Windows 10 in all over the world, so after months of test the new features.

Comes the new update – which bears the name of “Update May 2019 for Windows 10” Windows 10 May 2019 Update – many advantages, such as: status light color, support for emoji the Japanese, in addition to the digital assistant “Cortana” on the search function within the system.

One of the most important advantages that comes it update May 2019 of Windows, the feature is Sandbox, which allows users to run files .exe executive, without damaging the windows, through the development of a virtual environment, especially within the system. The update also includes a reserved space 7 GB of disk storage for the updates, the possibility to turn off system updates temporarily.

Microsoft had launched this update for my program its demo in the month of April last, in an effort to resolve the emergency before the launch of the final version for all users of Windows 10.

Besides the update, Microsoft also released a new control panel, providing users the case of the launch and the problems is not known, the update May 2019, along with monthly updates. The company aims through this step to not to repeat what happened with Update October 2018, which has led to the deletion of users ‘ files.

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Can get update May 2019 of Windows 10 by going to Settings, then control panel, then Windows Update where you can check for the update.

Referred to it since Microsoft launched Windows 10 on 29 July 2015, the company confirmed that the system will be a service, means that each new update will build in a different way from its predecessor, so that it does not contain security updates, but new features also, such as system Mac OS of Apple.

And now Microsoft released six updates, major system, Windows 10, and those updates are: “November update” Novmber Update, and then “update” annual Anniversary Update, and then “Update Creators” Creators Update, and then “update the fall of the creators of” Fall Creators Update, and then “update April 2018” April 2018 Update, and then “update October 2018” October 2018 Update.

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