Microsoft require to get rid of passwords in Windows 10 S

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Thanks to the fact that the apps and services and various sites use different types of passwords ( some passwords are alphanumeric and some require codes, and some require a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters ), it might be fun trying to remember all of them. Management applications passwords are the only way to reduce this problem, but what about remove passwords completely?

This seems to be something included by Microsoft for Windows 10 S. according to the company Microsoft, has stated by saying : ” Do you hate entering your password all the time? So do we. Passwords are inconvenient and insecure. With Windows 10 S you won’t have to! Just download the app Authenticator App and use it to set up Windows 10 S your. You will be able to move to a unified experience, prepare feature Windows Hello, access to all the apps and Services your favorite – all without having to enter your password. ”

That doesn’t mean he won’t be locking your computer, this just means that users now have a different way to secure the logins to the computers their own way they won’t have to remember them, such as through recognition technology fingerprint, and facial recognition technology, or through a PIN, which can be easier to navigate.

As explained by Forbes magazine, that methods already exist to log, except that in this last change, don’t ask the Microsoft users to setup a password first before selecting one of those options.



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