Microsoft resort to artificial intelligence to make updates to Windows smoother


Be clear always when there is a new update due to it is prompted usually refreshes. In some cases, we have seen how some applications or operating systems download the update in the background, which makes it easy for users to update it when the time comes.

However, the Microsoft the transfer mechanism updates in the operating system to the next level through the use of artificial intelligence to help make updates to the Windows smoother. According to Microsoft, it has stated by saying : ” he started our approach in artificial intelligence / machine learning with a pilot program during the launch of the Windows 10 update Fall Creators. We have studied the properties of devices that data indicated that they got to experience the fantastic update and trained our model on the discovery of these devices and targeting “.

The company is also they use artificial intelligence to help identify problems in the update, which prevent other devices from receiving the update until the problem is solved. “When data artificial intelligence, reflexes, or the results of the telemetry to the possibility of the existence of the problem, we quickly disable and prevent the affected device from the display update until we talk of it in a comprehensive manner. Once you solve the problems, we continue to work with confidence. This allows us to circumvent to roll out the update to customers without having to take any action “.

I don’t doubt that this was an interesting approach, especially if we know that in the stage in which Microsoft promotes Windows 10, he had been accused of being ” aggressive ” when it comes to support users to upgrade to this system.


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