Microsoft reveals details on the unit of her upcoming “Xbox Scarlett” and the launch of the fall 2020

مايكروسوفت تكشف تفاصيل عن وحدة ألعابها القادمة "اكس بوكس سكارليت" وموعد إطلاقها خريف 2020

The company exploited Microsoft’s E3 Absence, Sony for to highlight the new games Xbox and the dates of launch as well as launch a new subscriptions comprehensive services Xbox rival, in was to talk about the unity of the Xbox Next space on the stage where the company disclosed some details of the inner gear Xbox “Scarlett” as I knew in her presentation, which apparently will come compatible with its service cloud for games.

According to Microsoft the device will have a custom handler based on the architecture processors Zen 2 processors graphics Radeon RDNA from AMD, where he stated that the next monster will be stronger 4-fold of the Xbox One S, as Scarlett would support memory super speed GDDR6, and the accuracy of 8K at a rate of refresh 120 Hz per second and uses a new generation of modular SSD storage.

The focus of Microsoft in its version coming from the Xbox to develop games unit integrated with very high performance, and focus exclusively on games as crossed, is where the focus of the content of strong competition with rivals tough on the playing field cloud project cloud its XClould that will fit mainly the strength of the state.

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