Microsoft reveals Surface Hub 2-Office of the future

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2

Do you remember the Surface Hubis? Probably won’t remember it if you heard it, for all Microsoft unveils the second generation of this situation on the form of a huge screen of death specifically for offices.

Microsoft believes that the sales of the first generation was too weak to transfer the advantages of its price which amounts to having sold only 5 thousand device, but now there are a lot of developments in the second generation, which counts Microsoft where may we see your major in the offices of the future.

The device is about the screen supports multi-touch led by 50.5 inches 4K+ it can spin around its axis easily to use in any position suitable for you, whether horizontally or vertically according to age. Provided with headrest and four wheels for easy move anywhere within the conference room such as or transfer it to any room of the Office.

How can connect four computers next to each other with each other to deal and as a huge one.

You can send documents and files from your PC for huge easily, as well as control presentations that show them from your phone, and computer offices it supports the service Teams are great and it is a service suitable for Slack from Microsoft.

The computers running Windows 10, It supports all the familiar applications including package office and chat via Skype thanks to a special camera is present above also supports the technology footprint.

Will be available the new computer big next year no information yet about its price, but let’s hope less than 9 thousand dollars to the price of the first generation in particular that the size is much smaller because the previous was the size of a 84 inch

Worth noting that Google has a similar device called Jamboard is available at a price of 5 thousand dollars


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