Microsoft says that staff humans will continue to register queries, Cortana and Skype audio


Lately, there have been reports about how many technical companies as big as Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook log queries voice search and voice conversations and convert them and copy them by contractors. According to these companies, they are done so in order to improve the quality, accuracy and comprehensive of its products.

However, following this discovery, announced many of the technical companies that they will continue these programs temporarily and make changes until customers are able to cancel the extract in those programs in the future. But it seems that Microsoft has decided to follow a somewhat different approach where it seems that the company would double in fact the number of humans who will use them to help copy those recordings and analysis.

In a statement to Motherboard, the Microsoft Corporation said : ” We realized, based on questions that have been raised recently, that we can do a better job to achieve that people say sometimes review this content“, adds the company : ” our processing of personal data for these purposes include all of the methods of processing automated and manual ( human ) “.

It should be noted that Microsoft allow users to delete audio recordings of their own through the panel information privacy, but the fact that it is not always easy to find the appropriate settings, we are sure that some will say to if the company more transparent.

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