Microsoft says that the Laptop Surface 3 is three times stronger than MacBook

Microsoft revealed yesterday about the number of devices, including the new version of Surface Laptop is the second version, and during her talk about the company stated that the device is three times faster than the MacBook Air as part of the conference.

Laptop Surface 3 will come also price two different and they are 13 and 15 inches while it will provide a great advantage is the possibility of disarmament, disk storage SSD for the purpose look it a pinch bigger in terms of space or for any other reason While this point is not available in the Mac which came to Apple proliferation treaties during the last years being to make its devices difficult to upgrade or repair.

Compared to the Surface Laptop 3 and MacBook Air/Pro

Surface Laptop 3 new will come at a starting price of 999 USD to be cheaper 100 dollars from the price which starts when you get ready MacBook this while it will work with Intel processors-Generation X for version smaller processors AMD Ryzen in version of the larger, add this to that version with a measurement of 15 inches from the Surface 3 -the largest – will be a direct competitor for MacBook Pro from Apple, while it will start from 1.199 USD to be markedly cheaper than Apple.

Of the great features in your Surface Laptop 3 is also support for fast charging where it gets the battery from 0% to 80% in one hour, this to the side of his body is made of aluminium and its support for USB-C port which will make this device a fierce competitor for Apple’s mobile and one of the most Windows devices of His Excellency.

Microsoft expanded the options offered by also with the announcement about Surface Pro 7 as well as Surface Pro X and all of them will be new features and differences notable compared to previous generations of surface and also devices the laptop the other in general.

Then, the Surface devices Laptop 3 would be three times faster than MacBook Air will feature fast charging and the possibility of changing the disk storage to the side of the ore manufacturing, excellent design and impressive, but can you beat the organs of the MacBook is? This is what we learn in the coming months..

Source: 9to5Mac

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