Microsoft send an update to the old windows to prevent malware like WannaCry

Microsoft has send new updates for old of Windows systems to prevent users in the trap of malware demanding that they pay ransom, just like you do software WannaCry that appeared in 2017 and cause a lot of crisis, despite the expiration of support for those systems.

Included security updates Windows version Server 2003, copy of Server 2008 R2, and Server 2008, in addition to a copy of XP, and Windows 7. Which the company has ended the support for each of the years long to be now usually its not sending any update to the system after the end of support.

Microsoft says that malicious software such as viruses known as “the worm” so that it is transmitted between one device to another in a quick manner as it happens with software WannaCry.

The company has sent out security updates quickly to users of the systems of old, but except for the XP users where you will have to download the patch update in manually from the website.

Worth noting that my copy of Windows 10 and Windows 8 didn’t get the two problems, so users feel comfortable currently.

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