Microsoft serve “Cortana” the Alexa at its

مايكروسوفت تخدع "كورتانا" وتبيع أليكسا بمتاجرها


The era of artificial intelligence began this is not new news it has become known that the techniques of artificial intelligence in the development of the day after the day of the scramble of the leading companies in the field of technology in general to control this area, which is now both Google and Apple and Samsung and Microsoft andAmazon and other personal assistant and relieve the characteristics and capacities of each one of these vary depending on the company and the ability of software and marketing which have all of them.

Company owns Microsoft Assistant smart personal known as “Cortana” which is considered one of the oldest techniques and sophisticated artificial intelligence that has been provided to the average user but the American company has decided to increase its cooperation with other company supposed they suited him which is a company Amazon , which owns the personal assistant to celebrity also a Alexa, it has Microsoft began selling PDAs on Amazon and artificial intelligence techniques “Alexa” through own sales and also on e-store.

Company owns Amazon’s two models of those devices and they’re new Echo Dot and regular Echo has started the Microsoft company in the sale of all models in its stores and will not write Microsoft to provide products only but also the rational you have sound system complete with Amazon This is considered a significant development in the relationship of Microsoft and its partners to decipher from the knowledge about the Microsoft her passion for competition, especially in the case of products offer Semi have but it may be the reason behind this sudden change in the policy of the company is changed to control the marketing of her personal assistant “Cortana”.

He started the Personal Assistant Microsoft assistant the sound of that board, dealing with the many companies but in the recent period other Microsoft main goal of Cortana to focus more on autoresponder services on letters “Sha” in addition to the so-called “background tasks” such as monitoring and review and track specific words or mathematical operations are considered those characteristics is of great importance for companies and semi-useless for the average user so the assistant Alexa your base does not constitute a real competitor now. course it may be this is the reason behind the company’s offering of products through its stores.

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