Microsoft service Teams suddenly stopped for four hours

خدمة Microsoft Teams توقفت بشكل مفاجئ لأربع ساعات

The timing tool and Microsoft Teams unexpectedly yesterday for I arrived about 4 hours, but Microsoft is back to work after interruptions, which impact heavily on the business owners participating in the services Microsoft’s cloud, as this service is the main tool for communication between work teams.

And is the Microsoft service Teams are similar in terms of its management services business such as Slack, used by Microsoft as a key tool for communication between work teams across Office 365 services as an alternative to best serve the Skype for Business previous.

Microsoft had confirmed the existence of a defect in the contact to have a number of users but at the same time I didn’t know about any of the causes of the sudden stop not in accordance with the published by website The Verge from reply of the police spokesman.

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