Microsoft shot a man from a cannon to break the Guinness record

It would seem, what is the relationship between Microsoft and the man shot out of a cannon? But the fact that the company decided in such a nontrivial way to advertise the release of the first in a long time exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10 called the Sea of Thieves. Moreover, Microsoft threatened to beat the previous world record.

To take part in an unusual advertising campaign called David “The Bullet” Smith. To implement the planned team Xbox built Xbox Pirate Blaster gun length of 10 feet and weighing about 5.5 tons. The gun sent David flying with acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 0.2 seconds. In a Sea of Thieves guns are not only effective means in order to sink the enemy ship, but also a very original method of sending a man from the ship to land. Mr. Smith felt it the second way. During the shot David Smith have experienced an overload of more than 10 G, and after 60 meters of flight he landed on a cushion.

In fact, Microsoft is really making a huge bet on a Sea of Thieves. Not so long ago the company launched a quest in reality, in the course of which participants need to find 15 riddles in USA, Australia, Canada and in Europe, and then enter the answers on a special website. The first to accomplish the task will receive a real treasure in form of Golden bananas worth over 100 000 USD. Unfortunately, the people of Russia to participate in this competition can not, but to see the flight of the human cannonballs can all, without exception, on the official website Sea of Thieves in Twitter.

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