Microsoft start to push Windows 10 update for the month of May 2019

Announced the software giant today announced the availability of the fixed version of the update Windows 10 for the month of May 2019, which comes with a wide range of improvements with the new themes.

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Is now available fixed update of Windows 10 for the month of May 2019 for users all over the world, which comes in Version No. 1903, where they can install the update now via Windows update.

Comes Windows 10 update for the month of May 2019 Bethel Lite new interface and full screen featured in white, as this update supports symbols Kaomoji them ( \_(ツ)_/ or (╯°□°)╯( ┻━┻ )، the user can also access the symbols Kaomoji, emoji through the shortcut itself which is the logo of Microsoft +space and(.).

As Microsoft offers in Windows 10 update feature sandbox, a feature which supports the user in running the file .exe gas reliable separately within the system, where are files in quarantine in the Protection Fund is permanently deleted on completion of the run the application without affecting the system, in order to support the user with a good level of protection.

Also among the features of the update panel feature information Microsoft that will provide the required information on the status of the release or any problem appear in the system or the new monthly updates.


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