Microsoft submitted its report for the last quarter of last year 2019 and announces record results

Microsoft company

Microsoft has provided America its financial report for the last quarter of the current year which ended in June 2019, and this is because in Microsoft money ends up in the summer and not in spring like many other companies, and has started the new fiscal year already from July 1.

During the last quarter revenue reached Microsoft to 33.7 million dollars, in increase of 12% on what has been achieved in the same period of last year. Operating profit amounted to $ 12.4 million and an annual increase reached 20%, while net profit amounted to 8.87 million and is the record financial results of Microsoft Corporation.

And the higher the revenues of Microsoft Office in addition to the proceeds of LinkedIn, as revenues slumped hardware Xbox by 48% compared with the same period last year due to declining hardware sales, while declining revenues Service and software is Xbox by 3% only. And the number of subscribers of the Xbox Live service to 65 million. The revenue section of the cloud has reached $ 11.4 million and increased from last year by 19%.

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