Microsoft support Xbox Game Pass on Windows computers, with more than 100 game

The company announced Microsoft on Thursday about bringing a subscription service in gaming affiliate “Xbox Jim as the” Xbox Game Pass to personal computers, which allows users access to more than 100 a game.

The company said in a publication on her blog: “we believe that the player should be in the center of the gaming experience of their own, and to be able to take advantage of unique devices that choose to play them”.

Two years after the launch of the service “Xbox Jim as” the gaming platform of Microsoft – “Xbox One” Xbox One – the company decided to of America made available on personal computers, she said, she designed the service to meet; and in particular, the needs of the players and the developers of the games on these devices.

Microsoft has added to the service “Xbox Jim as” for personal computers allows users of the Windows 10 operating system access to over 100 games, such as: Bethesa, and Deep Silver, and Developer Digital and Paradox Interactive, and SEGA, and more.

The company said: it planned to add new games every month, and members will receive a “Xbox Jim as” the on personal computers on the discounts in the “Windows Store” on Windows 10 up to 20% on games.

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In order to enable the players to play with across computers Windows 10 and gaming platform Xbox One, Microsoft said: it will allow players access to games “Xbox Jim sees” the Xbox Game Studios across different stores, including “Microsoft Store”.

The company said: the Games “Xbox Jim test” will support the advantages, such as: text chat, audio, lists of friends, and play across different platforms, such as personal computers, and Xbox One.

Microsoft announced also expressed support for games “win 32” Win32 “Microsoft Store” on Windows, because a lot of developers prefer this formula.


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