Microsoft Surface Duo presented almost officially. Nice try, but no!

Some gadgets that have been waiting for, I really don’t like. First and foremost, due to the fact that when they go out, they have to tell bad things. To criticize the new technologies possible and even necessary, but for me it’s something unpleasant, they are all good at something. Despite this, it is time to write another article about the device that I already thought that will not be released. It would be the lesser of two evils, but fate, or rather the guidance of Microsoft, decided otherwise. It looks like someone decided that we should take his seat in the last car of a departing train, and did everything to be formally in trend. Here only it is funny.

Well, who needs it?

When will the Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft quietly and, more importantly, officially confirmed the price and date of issue of its first convertible devices Android — Surface Duo. Everything would be fine and I even have a very positive attitude to the idea of folding devices, but what Microsoft has done, I call a pathetic attempt to show the world something like ”we can do that.” But not so…

We have quite a long time teased device, similar to a book. For the first time it was talked about last year, but since we never saw the coveted gadget. Now the company has officially confirmed that the release is very close. It is learned from the blog posts Surface IT Pro, which was also released a few other key characteristics of the device.

Well, you see, that is so-so…

The message confirmed that Microsoft Surface Duo will be released on 10 Septemberand its price will be as much as 1 $ 399. Thus, the company managed to surpass even Samsung in its optimism, the assessment of the cost of new devices. But the Koreans at least do have something new for the money, not stupid use of the hinge. Even if the price is justified from the point of view of the production costs (component cost and expensive joint), the question is, was it worth releasing for the money and how many units of the new gadget the company will be able to sell. I don’t think he will be a bestseller.

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What is Microsoft Surface Duo

If you have no clue why I’m so outraged, talk about the device in detail. It consists of two 5.6 inch display that unfolded essentially become one large 8.1 inch display PixelSense Fusion. Unlike the first wave of folding devices Android, Surface Duo is equipped with a hinge 360 degrees, which allows you to place the displays on the opposite sides. It is possible to compare laptops Lenovo Yoga series.

The company gives us to understand that today and going on sale September 10 gadget (otherwise it will not be called) represents a new wave of increasing mobile device performance, inspiring people to rethink the possibilities of what lies in the bag. Surface Duo — this is the easiest way to achieve multitasking on the go. It combines the features of Microsoft 365 , and a complete ecosystem of mobile applications Android.

How Microsoft is helping Google to make Android better

Displays the new item can be used in two ways. This can be a device with one larger display with a diagonal of 8.1 inch, replacing the tablet, or more compact with a diagonal of 5.6 inches. But in the second case, the screen will be on both sides. Why is it necessary and what conditions it can be used, I can not say. If you only watch movies from one device for those who are shy to sit next to. More normal explanation no, because even to work on such a screen is hardly more convenient than on a folding smartphone, the normal tablet and laptop.

The ability to use all Microsoft applications will probably be in the new device. Here’s another did their BA at least for some time free when you purchase the gadget for $ 1399.

Surface Duo will be shipped with the virtual Windows desktop that allows you to run full version of desktop operating system in the cloud. It can still be called a good feature, but is it necessary for her to fence such a ”Frankenstein”. Oddly enough, in the official documentation did not mention the characteristics of the device.

Foldable device from Microsoft

According to rumors, the folding device will rely on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset 855, which is weird in 2020. Though perhaps the release date, that will change and we will offer more than adequate and a new decision. Want a top-end processor — Snapdragon put 865. If you need something more affordable — it is better to choose more simple, but the new Snapdragon 765G. Although, what simplicity can speak at a price of 1 $ 399?

Why I do not buy the first Android smartphone from Microsoft

It is also reported that, most likely, the novelty will receive 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 256 GB memory. In may there were rumors that the battery capacity will be 3460 mAh, but, alas, no evidence in the announcement was not followed.

The jumper is on the screen is a pain. Fold and it is much better.

After the release of Microsoft Surface Duo will go on sale in multiple network and regular retail stores as well as online at the Microsoft Store. What about sales in Russia, is not yet clear. We hope to learn more when the Surface Duo will officially be released in the coming weeks. And I would like to see a formal presentation and see how this miracle will be praise from the scene. If you think I’m biased, let us know in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

I didn't think... Google may release a folding Pixel

At a time when producers have already started to do the normal foldable smartphones, albeit with a fold on the screen, Microsoft decided to be different and to connect the two screens with a terrible jumper between them. Something like already done LG, but not gone. It turns out, not until you step on the rake, will not become smarter. I’m all for new gadgets and experiments, but not for these.

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