Microsoft to reveal next-generation Xbox

The company revealed Microsoft on Sunday for the (Project Scarlett) Project Scarlettis the next generation of gaming platform affiliate: (Xbox) Xbox, and is scheduled to be on the market during the holiday season the year 2020.

Said the giant American technology during the conference (Xbox a) Xbox E3 in Los Angeles: the product will be stronger than the current generation (Xbox One) Xbox One four times, it will contain a processor of the production company (i.e., MD) of AMD.

Microsoft has added that the product will support display images at 120 frames per second, which is twice the average frame rate that you know its TVs, as it will contain a storage disk of the type (RSS de) SSD, which allows to download games more quickly compared with traditional storage-type (H. de) of HDD.

The company said that the latest version of the game (Halo) Halo famous from Microsoft will launch alongside the new platform late 2020 next.

Referred to to Sony – which is the Rival-Nemesis of Microsoft in the market of platform games – it was revealed the next generation of platform (PlayStation) PlayStation with specifications similar to, but did not announce the date of the official launch. But expected to be during the holiday season the 2020 also.

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Microsoft said at the conference (Xbox A): the broadcast service games (Project X, Cloud) Project xCloud will launch a pilot in the month of October/ October next. The company Google has announced on last Thursday opened the door for initial registration to serve the broadcast games (sea) Stadia in preparation for the formal launch in the month of November next.

She explained to Microsoft that a new feature in (Project X, Cloud) will allow users to stream games directly from the platform (Xbox), instead of Microsoft’s servers.

The company had announced the service (Project X, Cloud) in the month of October last, stating that it is testing a new service to broadcast the games are designed to work with personal computers, platforms, and mobile devices. Since then, Microsoft revealed that the service will use hardware similar to that of the current platforms (Xbox One).

Microsoft said in a post on her blog in the month of May last: “it means that the current library which includes more than 3,500 game will run on the service without any changes or modifications required by the developers”.

Analysts believe that Microsoft excels over other companies in the field service of the broadcast of the games, thanks to the dictates of the Between under the cloud of the strong, coupled with the huge content, and expertise in the field of games.

Referred to to many companies, began moving toward direct broadcast services for the games, along with: Microsoft, Google, and Sony; there are other companies, such as Nvidia, and(Electronics Arts) Electronic Arts, and it is rumored that Amazon is on its way to join the knee.


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