Microsoft touched the final nail in the coffin of Windows Phone


In the past year, confirmed the US company Microsoft has finally that the platform Windows Phone is dead, but even then, they still sell some of the supported devices running this in a store its official on the internet. However, this won’t happen anymore.

Today there are no any smartphones supported by Windows Phone in Microsoft’s official store on the internet, we assume that the company will not renew the inventory. So, this is another chance to bid farewell to the platform Windows Phone. Now, you can’t even buy the phone HP Elite X3 vs $ 299, or the phone Alcatel Idol 4S for $ 100, or the phone Alcatel Idol 4S with a helmet virtual reality for $ 169.

Assume that it took a long time to get rid of all the inventory because even though sharp cuts in prices, so not a lot of people buy it. It is clear that Microsoft stores actual still sell some Windows phones if you want adventure. There are always stores the third party that may retain some units of Windows phones which was once the second choice for consumers when it comes to smartphones after Android and iOS.



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