Microsoft urges the government to consider facial recognition systems

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A company called Microsoft on the government to think seriously in the obscurity of the Executive relating to the dissemination and adoption of the technology face recognition, and urged Brad Smith Brad Smith, the company’s president and legislators to make sure the algorithms for Face Detection and studies of war that use of such techniques, and this technique is a controversial topic, where the dozens of investors and consumers against Amazon for providing a system of artificial intelligence for Face Detection agencies, the implementation of the law.

Dissemination of Brad Smith and Harry shum Harry Shum, head of the Department of artificial intelligence of Microsoft, a study earlier this year predicted that progress in artificial intelligence will require new laws, but what he wrote Smith today is the first time that the Redmond company expressly organized face recognition systems, which makes them going in a way different from its competitors like Amazon, which said in June it is the duty of the private sector to act responsibly in the employment of artificial intelligence techniques.

Wrote Smith: “the pressure on technology companies to reduce the way that is used by government agencies, facial recognition technology and the technology of the other, there is no substitute within our democratic system for decision-making by our elected representatives with regard to issues that require balancing Public Safety With the essence of our democratic freedoms, and the government need to play an important role in the regulation of facial recognition technology”.

Includes Smith noted that facial recognition technology is now significantly in our society, which is not necessarily a bad thing, as used by the police in India to track more than three thousand missing children in four days, said local authorities provide a database for facial recognition for suspected involvement in a shooting incident that occurred in the past month, but this does not mean that there is no likelihood of ill-usage.

Smith said: “imagine that the government tracking everywhere I walked, through the last month without your permission or your knowledge, imagine a database for those who have attended a political demonstration constitutes the essence of freedom of expression, imagine the use of the shopping stores face recognition technology to share information with each other in respect of each rack cargo care products you buy without asking for permission first, this was the material of science fiction a long time ago, but now he’s on the verge of becoming possible.”

And face recognition systems are the worst in relation to the identification, the presence of African Americans compared to the food of the Caucasus, showed a research paper published in the month of February involving the time the absence of Pedro Timnit Gebru, a researcher at Microsoft, that error rates of up to 35 percent within the facial recognition systems in dealing with dark-skinned women, it’s similar to facial recognition systems with many artificial intelligence techniques, which usually have an error rate even when they work in an unbiased manner.

And Smith for application of laws or moral principles, but by asking a series of questions to the producers for consideration, including “do I have to subject to the process of using facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies to the control of human controls him?”, And guarantee the existence of civilian oversight and accountability for the use of this technique as part of the practices of the security technology of the national government?”.

Smith called technology companies to search for ways to reduce the risk of bias in face recognition technology, and methodology a preliminary and transparent development of detection systems face, and move slowly and deliberately in the deployment of facial recognition technology, and participate in a manner that fully and responsibly in policy discussions on this technology.

The company said Microsoft, for its part, the establishment of the internal Advisory Committee called the Committee on Aether to consider the use of artificial intelligence, published a set of ethical principles for the development of technologies of artificial intelligence, and also that it rejected the deployment of facial recognition technology when I realized there was a greater risk in relation to human rights.

Come watch Brad Smith at a time when Microsoft, Google and other tech companies severely criticized for providing the tools and expertise to Programs of a controversial, where he abolished the company Microsoft, which bowed to the pressure of the public, a contract with immigration and customs American ICE in the month of June, andthe staff Google on the company’s participation in the project, Maven Project, Maven, which is a program of the Ministry of Defence sought to help in the identification of potential targets through video obtained from the UAV.

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