Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to study the world of bees

The project became we4bee specialized research Bee – which is supported by the foundation (the Audi) the Audi Environmental – part of the program of Microsoft that is named “Artificial Intelligence for the Earth.”

The aim of the draft we4bee to bind to the cells of the Bee-enabled smart sensor, with the techniques of cloud storage; and to conduct analyses of long-term settlements of the bees, and their environmental, disclosure of the effect of some factors affecting the bees using methods of data science. Because the project we4bee became a member of the network, “artificial intelligence for the earth” world, it had access to existing products and services associated with artificial intelligence, and the support of educational and training programmes.

Will schools, educational institutions, care of hives, and to ensure access to data consistently; it will jam a bee to recognize every colony of the colonies of bees are extra. It is through the application of we4bee, participants will have the possibility to track the data transferred from the cell to the cloud storage; this includes information about the settlement of the bees, including temperature, moisture, air pressure inside it, and its weight and the amount of noise, the amount of pollution particulate.

Each user can employ the app to compare Bee Hive-possessed, with other cells available their data on the cloud storage. For example, you will meet a scanner powered by artificial intelligence, the dangers of the export of flowers pictures of flowers, and then will be types of those flowers.

Under the motto “artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind”, supports Microsoft’s institutions and projects that addressed the humanitarian issues, such as human rights, and the right of access, and Environmental Protection. It also provides program, Microsoft’s “artificial intelligence for the ground” assistance to researchers and organizations in the use of artificial intelligence; to develop new methods designed to protect water, agriculture, biodiversity and climate. The initiative aims to overcome the great difficulties that humanity faces with the help of artificial intelligence.

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She said (Rodrigo real) – the head of Audi environmental foundation: “we are proud that the project became we4bee one of the 298 projects have the support of software of artificial intelligence for the Earth, and we are happy to fuel Microsoft’s on our side, as a supporter of a high-level”.

It is said (Christine Haupt) – the Director General Services-Microsoft at Microsoft Germany: “it is our duty at Microsoft to allow the use of technology for all, and apply them in a responsible way; such artificial intelligence can be an important factor in building the pillars of a better future. We are also very pleased that our support for we4bee represents the support of one of the German projects, which employ technical out the results of the research an important lead in the end to protect the bees”.


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