Microsoft vypocet antivirus on Android and iOS. That’s funny!

Microsoft of enthusiasm lately includes mobile products. For example, not so long ago, she released an individual Office with built-in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The application, though made only as a wrapper over the three already existing solutions, but still it is a sign of attention towards the users of Android and iOS. The company thus makes it clear that she cares — the boys of Redmond are important to the development of their own services for consumers.

Microsoft will release its own antivirus on iOS and Android

So, by the way, looks updated office:

Have said many times to many, but I’ll say it again, videos from Microsoft are better than the products themselves. But the company does not stop and soon plans to present its own antivirus Defender on iOS and Android. The company currently does not own smartphones, but no one stop her from running services on the platforms of competitors. And why would in this case not to let the anti-virus? Besides, in Google Play you can really find viruses and applications sledushii for users.

So, just yesterday Google was removed from the store more than 600 applicationsthat abuse is. We are talking about is unexpected for the user that drives to visit sponsored links, regardless of whether she liked it the owner of the device or not. Another interesting fact is that remote applications in total have been downloaded 4.5 billion times, and their developers were companies from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Microsoft is a software giant, so the desire of the guys to make is on the software clear. Why Microsoft to release your iPhone or your Pixel when it is doing well other companies? In addition, they do not restrict Microsoft to release apps for Android and iOS.

Amid constant news about viruses and similar things related to apps in Google Play, Microsoft decided to release its own antivirus.

“They are quite protected, but “enough” does not mean complete protection. Malware appears on these platforms. People can get malware, built-in apps that reside in Google Play, the official repository of Android apps,” said Rob Lefferts, is a corporate Vice President of Microsoft. He also noted that the applications can adapt outwardly under normal, and to steal user data, such as postal addresses, passwords and credit card information. And even in this case, the Defender from Microsoft can help companies to make use of Android and iOS their employees more secure.

Microsoft offers Intune. It is a cloud service for managing PCs, smartphones and tablets of employees. Lefferts said that in the case of the Defender we are talking about security, not about management. And Defender will allow workers to fence against malware.

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According to the Vice-President of Microsoft, the company expects it to business and not for the mass market. In this case, of course, matters for the company. However, I still cannot understand, why release antivirus for platforms where there are virtually no malware? Google also constantly enhances security measures and a very small probability that in the app repository, the company gets unwanted software. And about iOS, I did not say anything. I don’t remember on this platform ever was a viral application.

Of course, the application can, for example, to silently send your data on Chinese servers, in any way showing that it is watching you. These applications, which are not obvious are tracking, I think, in Google Play and the App Store a lot, and if Microsoft could somehow monitor the information that leaves your smartphone via Defender, it would be nice.

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