Microsoft wants to make sure that you are a specialist already in Design Mode hidden

Microsoft Edge

With incognito in Google Chrome, the idea behind this is that you will be able to browse the web the privacy of a relative where it won’t show the websites you visit in browser Google Chrome the main. We’ve seen how not to be design development the hidden secret as you think sometimes, but it seems that Microsoft is hoping to fix that.

Because Microsoft is now investing in Chromium through the browser Microsoft Edge new, the company is working to ensure the protection of your privacy. This is done by making sure that everything you write while browsing in Incognito will remain private completely. And for those who are wondering about the problem, there is a feature to predict the writing in Windows 10, which means that in some cases, it is passed the things that you write Cross-Service prediction.

This means that even in Design Mode hidden, there are still the effects of what it does, but Microsoft hopes to change that. Still being work on it, so don’t expect to see these changes in the near future, but it’s good to see Microsoft working on it. As we have said, the Microsoft Investment kind of in the web engine Chromium, so even if you do not plan to use the browser’s Microsoft Edge, which is based on the web engine Chromium, it is still possible to apply those changes on the browser Google Chrome.


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