Microsoft wants to put the Bing search engine in the Chrome browser is mandatory!

It seems that Microsoft will force users to bundle Office 365 paid to use search engine Bing inside the browser Google Chrome! But in general it will not be compulsory in the literal sense, where it will be the final decision back to the user in the end, but which didn’t like users very much is the involvement of Microsoft’s search engine Bing inside Settings!

Officially, the beginning of the next month when you have to install package of Office 365 will install a browser which will directly change the default search engine of the search engine Google to Bing!

Unfortunately, there will be no option to prevent the installation of this add-on during the installation of the package office, but of course you will be able to change the search engine again and Google after the installation of the package successfully! What do you think about the decision of Microsoft? Each company is entitled to promote their products certainly, but is this way appropriate, really?

Source: Gizchina

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