Microsoft will begin collecting fees from users of Windows 7

It seems that the idea of Microsoft to get more money is not the best case. Published reports earlier that Microsoft is going to treat Windows 10 as a service, while the company since it launched the latest version of the popular operating system is trying to convert users to have installed on their devices.

Now obviously there is bad news. according to the official publication of the company’s price, Microsoft will begin to charge users of Windows 7 versus the protection of their updates new on the recipe of the company in a move described as “helping users to download the new regulations”. The company has identified, on January 14 of 2020 for the start of the implementation of this resolution, which will change a lot.

And this is the date set by the company, this date represents for the company a date to extend the support for Windows 7 to extend its support, but for funds to be collected from users who want to get updates of the security (which represent gaps in the operating system of the foundation!). Not only the American company that has announced that the fees that will be charged will be upward where it will increase with every passing year.

Although some could think that this option might be the best of the abolition of the system support in January 2020 to close all the doors to not use the Windows 10 however, this decision was not considered the best where I check Microsoft a little bit of funds to impose new fees to support the operating system if she can do it for free if.

The company has not set the price that you’re going to get it from the users for the extended support for Windows 7, however, the civil this version of the operating system are a very large number currently being probably the goal of the company, the core of this resolution is to decrease this number.

One of the statistics that the percentage of Windows users are 40% of users of personal computers in the world which is a huge number no doubt. It was expected that provide company support for Windows 7 is free for this large base of users at least as to use them for her all these years and even now it’s clear that the money had come to dominate the strategies of the company without consideration forward.

This week Microsoft will begin to collect fees from users of Windows 7 appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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