Microsoft will bring anti-virus application own Android devices and iOS

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In the market of devices mobile, the company continues Microsoft’s competition and are not willing to give up. After the failed experience of manufacturing smart phones with its own operating system, Microsoft decided instead of issuing its own apps for both iOS devices and Android. Now it seems that Microsoft will get involved in this through the launch of the anti-virus program of its own.

Already the company that has issued the application of the anti-virus Microsoft Defender for a computer running MacOS in the last year, but the company has now announced they will be bringing this app to Android and iOS as well.

According to Microsoft, has stated by saying : ” provide comprehensive protection across multiple platforms through a single solution simplified view is more important than ever. In the next week at the RSA Conference, we will continue to preview the state in defense of threats to mobile devices with the work we do to provide our solutions for Android and iOS “.

Microsoft will disclose more details about the app in the next week, so we’ll share those details with you after that. However, it would be interesting to know the type of protection that can be provided by Microsoft for iOS devices. This is largely due to the approach of Apple to the concept of a walled garden with third-party applications, which leads to a reduction of its functions sometimes “.


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