Microsoft will bring Minecraft for the Xbox Pass in 4 of the April

Can the software giant to launch one of the games Minecraft on Xbox Pass, on 4 April, to games service to more than 100 featured game users Xbox.

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Join one of the Minecraft games to the games available for my Xbox Pass, to possible games in the gaming service to more than 100 games available entries monthly service.

Microsoft offers add game Minecraft new service of Xbox Pass to convince users to subscribe to the gaming service, where the software giant in the recent period to promote strongly to serve games available now in the first month for new users priced at $ 1 as an alternative for the original price of $ 10 almost.

The Microsoft entries, monthly download more than 100 games, which comes from the game Crackdown 3, the sea of Thieves to the side of the Forza Horizon 4, where Microsoft offers in the Xbox Pass new games in conjunction with the launch of the games to outlets, so associated with the launch of both games Halo is Infinite, and the next Gears of War, and Forza on Xbox Pass soon.


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