Microsoft will change the application Cortana on Android and iOS

Today Microsoft announced that it will close application Cortana to both Android and iOS beginning from 31 January next year will begin the process of closure in specific markets namely the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and often the application will be closed around the world in a later time.

Microsoft added explaining that any content has been making it through Cortana will be reserved for Cortana for Windows, as will be some of your data using your course are available on the Microsoft Launcher on Android as well as Microsoft application To Do the management tasks we will be able to find your alerts and tasks that you have shared with Cortana earlier.

On the other hand -given to spread Microsoft – there will be a new version of the app without Cortana, which will be launched after the close application Cortana delete it from the stores.

What do you think of the news? And does it mean this step is that Microsoft in its way to stop Cortana or at least narrowing it used for? We participated in the comments..

Source: GSMArena

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