Microsoft will change the application Wunderlist in May next year

Microsoft is planning to close the application Wunderlist on 6 May 2020

مايكروسوفت ستُغلق تطبيقها Wunderlist في مايو العام القادمMicrosoft will change the application Wunderlist in May next year

About four years ago from now, and specifically in June 2015, Microsoft announced its acquisition of the company Wunderlist is the author of professional application and rich from the definition of the same name, and after this action that the police can finally close the app, as Microsoft announced in advance and specifically after a year of buying it they are planning to close the app, and today the company set the date of May 6, 2020 as to close the app permanently.

Generally, Microsoft purchased the service in order to strengthen its attempts to own to create an application productive of the largest, the result was the application of Microsoft To Do, although from the beginning of his lukewarm only that the company made him the application of competitive features most of the features of the app in addition to unique features.

In this context, Microsoft indicated, “when we announced To Do for the first time, we also announced that Wunderlist will retire in the end, we have planned accordingly so that we can focus on creating the application of a more integrated, safer and helps to get things done in a smarter way”.

Finally, recall that the constructor Wunderlist “Christian Reaper”, a presentation on Microsoft’s acquisition of the app, but it seems that the end was about, so after the date of May 6, 2020 will not be Sync app with the cloud, but still supports exporting lists to Microsoft To Do.


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