Microsoft will launch Surface devices in black on the second of October

مايكروسوفت ستطلق أجهزة Surface باللون الأسود في الثاني من أكتوبر

Two weeks before the event Microsoft in the second of next October in New York, while some sources reported that the giant programming will give life to the color black in its organs, will launch a series of its coming from their relationship to the surface in black, unlike the previous version which was launched in Silver, confirmed the position Thurrott the news that the police will update on the Laptop Surface and Surface Pro released in black.

He has published website MySmartPrice a number of pictures exclusively for surface 2, the pictures show the external appearance of the device, without mentioning any in-house specifications for New, where the website said it is not available yet any information about updates and specifications of the Surface 2 of the interior, in addition to the fact that the Surface Pro will be enjoy Black also.

Has she called the police during a conference announcing a version of Windows 10 octorer 2018 update on the seventh of last September, the conference of the launch of the Surface devices the hall where the guarantee support is a “moment of time”, and you now with the image Surface 2 of those moments:

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