Microsoft will not see your more games Xbox exclusive with the other

مايكروسوفت لن تشارك المزيد من ألعاب اكس بوكس الحصرية مع المنصات الأخرىMicrosoft will not participate more of the Games Xbox exclusive with the other

Stated by Microsoft that it will not share any of her toys exclusive with other gaming platforms; that the owners of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch won’t have a chance to play games Xbox exclusive again.

Where the statement of the company on the lips of the spokesman, which said that Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to watch the Games Xbox exclusive with the game platforms of the third party in the future.

In was hoping to a lot of gamers that Microsoft says the participation of a greater number of their games with the platform I play other; and after providing the game Cuphead, and Ori and the Blind Forest via Nintendo Switch, Linda speaking on behalf of the company exclusive of these games categorically hope to provide more of them.

As explained to Microsoft that it was seeking to provide her exclusive in a different way, through the exploitation of her project cloud product in the basket games is XClould, which represents the broadcast platform and the participation of directly for games across different platforms.

Where the company will work to create a special application with them, and will depend to spread and availability on the approval of the company owners to prevent the play of other to carry on its organs varying, thus becoming the game experience exclusive and Microsoft doesn’t require Xbox mandatory to enjoy it.

Microsoft is working hard to launch the platform, xCloud since the announcement of the official about last year, where she said in the last statements around that the product you will be able to run 3500 game in synchrony, demonstrating the enormous capacity of the service expected; and that the date is not officially launch until the moment.

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