Microsoft will produce Android smartphones???

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, the Network appeared the information that Microsoft has decided to go to “the dark side”, where the green robot, and cookies.

Infa comes from the Microsoft employee Store, so kind of like a fake it should not be. However, this feature itself can seem fantastic.

But don’t rush to judge. Microsoft really makes sense to enter the market of Android-backgrounds. According to one of the resources, even when the company produced machines with their OS, it earned more than it is on smartphones with Android. Due to its software for this OS. And since Microsoft applications for Android only increased.

Advantages leaves a lot. And there is no need to invest in the development of a new system, and it saves time and money, there is no risk that the new system will not come, and the opportunity to cut some exclusives for their devices. For example, free annual subscription to various services or something similar.

And the fact that switching to Android will be somewhat “shameful” for Microsoft, is unlikely to care about the company.

How you consider, whether these smartphones? Would have bought a machine with Microsoft Android?

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