Microsoft will sell its smart phones equipped with Android, according to a new report

Lumia-950-and-950-XL (10)

I tried Microsoft to improve its position in the smartphone market through the acquisition of the hardware division, a subsidiary of Nokia, but it did not work unfortunately in achieving this. I left the company the smartphone market not currently have any plans to create more smart phones with Windows 10 Mobile. However, it appeared today the rumor again that Microsoft is preparing a new series of smartphones which will be running Android, a subsidiary of Google.

This is according to Microsoft who claim that the company’s engineers are working on ” a new range of smart phones “. These phones will not carry the brand Lumia, it remains unclear whether it will be the design and development of these devices by the same team that oversees the design and development of Surface devices.

There is nothing else to support this rumor, other than the allegations made by this employee. This could be just a guess from the same position, there is also the possibility that talking about the Version Microsoft Edition of Android phones available in the market are actually manufactured by other companies note that being already selling such phones in-store Microsoft Store.

Employee went so far as to say that these smart phones will ” definitely ” Brand of the Microsoft Corporation. This is the first time we have been talking about the new lineup of smart phones from Microsoft and Android from Google Inc. Better to deal with these rumors with the least amount of protection at the moment even show more information about these new smartphones from Microsoft.


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